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Design assistance/Review Key to Successful In-die Tapping

While In-die tapping heads are not difficult to incorporate into die designs, the limited amount of experience most die designers have with In-die tapping brings up several questions.  Our engineering team is always ready to assist your designers through the design process.  In addition, we use several tools including our Die Design Checklist as well as on line meetings via GoToMeeting.com to facilitate the design process.  Finally, we utilize GoToMeeting.com for a final die review of the tapping station with your design team to head off any issues ahead of cutting steel.   

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Reduce Part Weight by Extruding and Tapping

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards are becoming more stringent every year requiring a constant drive to improve fuel economy any way possible.  Among the most popular ways of improving fuel economy is weight reduction. 

How can extruding and tapping lead to weight reduction?  

When a threaded hole is required in stamped parts the two most common processes are extruding & tapping and adding weld nuts. Anytime something is added to a part weight is added.  While the minute weight of one weld nut may seem insignificant, add up all weld nuts throughout a vehicle the sum total can become a real weight savings.

There are factors to consider when looking at extruded/tapped holes v. weld nuts including number of threads required and pull test requirements.  If a weld nut is not spec’d as necessary then extrusion & tapping is the best alternative for reducing the weight of a part.

Of course, the most economical way of tapping extruded holes in stamped parts is In-die Tapping. 


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