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In-Die Fastener Automation

Hutchison Tool Sales offers Fasten8 In-Die Fastener Setting Systems that eliminate costly secondary operation work.

These systems automatically process and install clinch nuts/studs, rivet nuts/studs and self-piercing nuts/studs In-Die. Other fasteners such as ball studs, pins, spacers and stand-offs can be set In-Die with full process monitoring and production data tracking.
FASTEN8’s In-Die Fastener Setting System can be used with both transfer and progressive dies and is the most cost-effective solution for high volume fastener installation applications.

Other advantages of the System include:

  • Integration into Die Protection
  • Integration into Job/Program system on your die
  • Own brand FN8 controller
  • Full In-die process monitoring of every fastener
  • End-to-End Traceability of all fastener
  • Fastener Lock-Out System with box label scanning
  • RFID badge reader for user accountability
  • Full ERP functionality available through embedded OPC-UA on our controllers
  • HMI and unlimited remote and mobile HMI options
  • Secured VPN connections available for remote service
  • Quick connects for pneumatic tubes and electrical cables
  • Distribution HUB available for multiple head applications which reduces setup time minutes
  • Retro-fitting older systems with use our controllers, process monitoring and Lock-Out systems
  • End-to-End Traceability of all fasteners – FASTEN8 supplied or any third party fasteners

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Hutchison Tool Sales is the leading In-Die Tapping Head  manufacturer and supplier of drilling & secondary tapping solutions for  metal working manufacturers.      

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