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Recommended Tooling for ST3-BT8, 81 Tapping Machine

Model #DescriptionList Price
  item-6801Change Gears (from standard list of pitches. case hardened & honed bores)QUOTE
  item-6802Change Gears (from standard list of pitch) Machine model BT8, 81QUOTE
  item-6803Dual Foot Switch (forward & reverse) with OSHA guardQUOTE
  SSP2-F3QCQuick Change Floating Collet Chuck (SSP2-F3QC) uses 2F colletsQUOTE
  SSP2-R3 QCQuick Change Rigid Collet Chuck (SSP2-R3 QC) uses 2F colletsQUOTE
  item-6806Quick Change Tap Collets 2F, 5/16" - 7/8" HDQUOTE
  item-6807Quick Change Tap Collets 2F, 0 - 1/4" SPECIALQUOTE
  item-6808Quick Change Tap Collets 2F, 15/16" - 1 3/8"QUOTE
  item-6809Quick Change Tap Collets 2F, 1/8" PIPE, HEAVY DUTYQUOTE
  item-6810Quick Change Tap Collets 2F, 1/4" PIPE, 1/2" PIPE HDQUOTE
  item-6811Quick Change Tap Collets 2F 3/4" PIPE - 1" PIPEQUOTE
  ST3Posi-Thrust kit for ST3 (air assist to spindle)QUOTE
  SSP3-F3QCQuick Change Floating Collet Chuck (SSP3-F3QC) use 3F colletsQUOTE
  item-6814Quick Change Tap Collets 3F, 1 7/16" - 2 1/2"QUOTE
  item-6815Quick Change Tap Collets 3F, 1 1/4" PIPE - 1 1/2" PIPE, 2" PIPEQUOTE

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