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Accu-Lube Lubricants

  • The Leader in Environmentally Safe Lubricants

    Accu-Lube's unique, natural-based formulas provide the highest level of lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool. Since it is naturally consumed in the cutting process, the need for clean up and disposal are virtually eliminated. Accu-Lube is 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable. Accu-Lube lubricants are free from any hazardous ingredients. All ingredients are listed on the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) registration list as non toxic, and none are subject to SARA (Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act) reporting.
  • Increased Income From Dry Chip Sales

    Dry chips created using Accu-Lube are cleaner and can often be sold for substantially more than contaminated ones.
  • Increased Tool Life

    Accu-Lube lubricants are used in their concentrated form and offer a substantial increase in lubricity over soluble oil mixtures. The high lubricity factor reduces the friction involved in the machining process, allowing both the tool and workpiece to remain at room temperature. This eliminates any thermally induced dimensional problems in either the part or the tool and increases tool life.
  • No Disposal or Parts Cleaning

    Typically, only two ounces of Accu-Lube lubricant per nozzle are required each day for most machining operations, all of which are fully consumed in the process. There are no coolants or oils requiring disposal. Down-time cleaning operations can be eliminated, saving time, energy, inventory and costly cleaner and chemical disposal.

Model #Pin & Vee Block ASTM D3233A Load Value-ft. lbs. Test w/No 8 PinFlash PointViscosity 100ºF SUS 150 ASTM D4212Pour PointSpecific GravityList Price
  LB-1000535 ºF1505 ºF0.93QUOTE
  LB-1100593 ºF1485 ºF0.94QUOTE
  LB-2000608 ºF145-4 ºF0.91QUOTE
  LB-3000608 ºF145-4 ºF0.91QUOTE
  Power Stamp III598 ºF1555 ºF0.94QUOTE
  LB-6100400 ºF30-40 ºF0.94QUOTE
  LB-6000418 ºF19-40 ºF0.92QUOTE
  LB-5000374 ºF6240 ºF0.85QUOTE
  Power Stamp II400 ºF35-38 ºF0.95QUOTE
  LB-6800400 ºF25-40 ºF0.92QUOTE
  LB-4500375 ºF4239 ºF0.87QUOTE
  Synthetic (Water Based)N/A6032 ºF1.01QUOTE

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