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BT Taper Tension/Compression Tap Holders

  • Quick-change - push back on the holder sleeve and the adapter with tool is removable.
  • Press on the end of the adapter nose and the tool is removable - all in a few seconds.
  • Smooth stroke - even under full torque load, the tension-compression stroke is full and free.
  • Interchangeability - our adapters and holders are interchangeable with Universal-Bilz quick change holders and adapters.

Model #TaperTap Range HandTap Range PipeSystemDimension LList Price
  532-261BT30Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 12.40 in$354.20
  532-260BT30Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 14.25 in$274.70
  532-262BT30Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 14.92 in$340.60
  532-267BT40Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 12.62 in$336.50
  532-264BT40Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 13.80 in$289.10
  532-266BT40Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 14.33 in$303.50
  532-268BT405/16-7/8 in1/4-1/2 inNumber 24.50 in$327.90
  532-270BT405/16-7/8 in1/4-1/2 inNumber 26.34 in$344.20
  532-272BT4013/16-1 3/8 in3/4-1 inNumber 37.50 in$377.00
  532-274BT4013/16-1 3/8 in3/4-1 inNumber 39.00 in$407.10
  532-275BT50Number 0-9/16 in1/8 inNumber 14.33 in$319.20
  532-277BT505/16-7/8 in1/4-1/2 inNumber 26.34 in$467.10
  532-279BT5013/16-1 3/8 in3/4-1 inNumber 37.50 in$625.70

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