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Optima Optical Drill Grinding System

Sharpen drills This faster, simply way :

(grinding time : 15 to 40 seconds depending on size and condition of the drill).
Set required angles (all angles are adjustable). Place drill in adjustable chuck (1) and push through mastersleeve against contact crystal (2).
Drill is now automatically focused and visible on built - in projection comparator (3).
Line up the cutting edge parallel to the reference lines on the screen and clamp drillholder in this position.
Swing swivelarm to the left and pass drill across the grinding wheel (4) to grind the secondary clearance angel. Lift swivel arm up against the stop for the primary cutting angel and to the contact crystal (2). (Built-in diamond dresser always guarantees correct wheel position. Index 180º (no. relocating needed ) and repeat the grinding operation on the other half of the drill.

Self centering split point With 90º chamfer for cleaner and burrfree holes (semi-reamer).

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